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Corresponding Music Video Poised To Be "The Heat" Of Summer 2022

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Multi-talented performer, singer/songwriter, radio host and children’s book author, Laura Bryna, has announced the release of her new single “Body First”* AVAILABLE NOW via all digital retail and streaming platforms (UMG/BUGALO Records). Her eighth studio recording and radio release, the track makes evident Bryna’s versatility and talents to cater to multiple genres and attract music enthusiasts from across the globe (including the U.S., France and Germany). An introduction to her new EP (scheduled for a late summer/early fall 2022 release), the soulful, saucy track is an uninhibited suggestive invitation that only two lovers can embrace with words unspoken. Penned alongside Grammy award-winner Damon Sharpe (J Lo, Ariana Grande, Nelly, Pitbull and Anastacia), Emmy winning arranger-composer Christopher McDonald (Carrie Underwood, Amy Grant, Luis Fonsi) and Janelle Rodriguez, and produced by Sharpe (supported by Michael Carey), the contemporary, forthright female sentiment can be likened to The Bellamy Brothers “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body.” “This is a special song that we hope will be a romantic anthem for many years to come; I’m excited to be a part of another Laura Bryna smash,” said co-writer and music producer, Damon Sharpe. “Laura is a polished performer with a larger than life persona who brings a positive energy to her work. She has a keen ear, song sense and arrangement instincts to create the precise feel for a song,” added associate producer, Michael Carey. “I’m a hopeless romantic and wanted to record a love song,” said Bryna. “We pushed the envelope and didn’t play it safe when it came to writing the lyrics and creating the corresponding video. It’s a yummy, sexy tune and the [music video] visual illuminates the chemistry between two lovers.” I PUT MY HEAD ON YOUR SHOULDER THEN WE’RE KISSIN AND IT’S OVER SO HARD TO KEEP MY COMPOSURE PULL ME CLOSER COME PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME RIGHT NOW THAT’S ALL I NEED DON’T GOTTA SAY A WORD SPEAK WITH YOUR BODY FIRST Under the direction of Justin Key, with Nick Lantz behind the lens, the corresponding music video was shot by Taillight at Canvas Productions studios in Nashville. The vivacious exchange between the two dancers (Layne Porter and Mathew Robinson) enlivens Bryna’s artistic perspective of the daring, sensual storyline. “I knew I wanted to use dancers and water to portray the storyline with a subtle heat. The dancers are a metaphor for the body--how it moves and how it is moved by a chemistry or energy. Laura’s performance, complemented by the dancers, is the glue that makes the clip captivating.” The “Body First” music video is being positioned for a broadcast premiere; AristoMedia is spearheading the video promotion campaign. ### About Bryna is a multi-talented crossover artist who caters to contemporary country and pop audiences across the world. Her most recent successes include the release of “Sweet Revenge” (2019) which scored a Top 10 seat on the Billboard Dance Chart; while her 2020 release, “Stars Are Falling” landed at No. 2 on Dance Music Chart in England, and No. 6 in France and Germany. Bryna's single, "Make A Wish," spent 10 consecutive weeks on AOL Billboard's Most Streamed Download charts. Laura is the celebrity spokesperson for the United States Air Guard's national media campaign and co-wrote the corresponding theme song "Hometown Heroes." In addition to her work with the Air Guard, Bryna is a celebrity spokesperson for the National Guard's Youth Foundation and sits on the board of directors for the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. From time to time, Bryna also co-hosts “Golf Talk America” which broadcasts on PGA Tour Radio. She is currently putting the finishing touches on her children’s Christmas book, titled “The Christmas Tradition”, which will be released simultaneously with her original Christmas tune, “The Christmas Wish.” CONNECT:

PR CONTACT: Music City Media K. Atwood | | 615.770.2994 *To request a review copy of the track, please hit “reply.”

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