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INDEPENDENT AUTHOR FOSTERHUB FOUNDER AND CEO MICHELLE MAYS INTRODUCES DUMPSTER DOLL: ADOLESCENCE AUDIOBOOK Honest Tell-All Chronicles Personal Struggles, Survival & Triumphs In The Foster Care System Recorded by Mays • Produced By Grammy Award Winning Producer Available February 3, 2023 • Pre-Order Begins Friday, January 27, 2023

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (January 11, 2023) Independent author and founder/CEO of the newly organized charity organization, FosterHub, Michelle Mays has announced the release of the Dumpster Doll: Adolescence audiobook (due Friday, February 3, 2023 via Amazon, Audible, iTunes and corresponding global retail partners). Recorded in Nashville, featuring a voiceover by Mays and produced by four-time Grammy award-winning producer Mark Capps, the audiobook complements the Dumpster Doll: Adolescence soft cover (released December 16, 2022) and is a continuation of the “Dumpster Doll” book series.

Published by Proving Press, this independent nonfiction is a vulnerable tell-all and personal recount of traumatic life experiences while ”learning life” and navigating in a way no child or teen ever should. These live-or-die events duly motivated Mays to share her hard-learned lessons and form the 501(c)3 nonprofit, FosterHub, to lend aid and support to teenagers aging out of the foster care system. Dedicated to “the mistake makers and risk takers,” chapters touch on unhealthy familial relationships, decaying self-worth, self-destruction, devastating sexual encounters, and rising above the confusion and chaos–if only temporarily. While challenges threatened Mays’ future–poverty, juvenile detention, and the hardest decision of her life–her gritty spirit and perseverance were her saving grace. Overcoming these barriers one chapter at a time, Mays has come out a stronger, more ambitious woman and hopes that sharing her experiences will help others struggling in similar situations. As the founder and CEO of the FosterHub non-profit, and a motivational speaker with the goal to bring awareness to taboo topics, Michelle’s plight is to ensure that each and every foster child may seek and obtain the support and resources they need and open the door to encourage a successful and promising future. Dumpster Doll: Adolescence Audiobook Release Date: February 3, 2023 Authors: Michelle Mays/Michelle Moon Recorded by Michelle Mays Produced by Mark Capps Run Time: 5h:53m:56s CONNECT:

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