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Nonfiction Co-Written Alongside Michelle Moone,

Honest Tell-All Chronicles Personal Struggles, Survival & Triumphs

In The Foster Care System

• Release Set For December 16, 2022 •

• Presale/Pre-save Event To Begin November 25, 2022 •

NASHVILLE, Tenn. Independent author and founder/CEO of the newly organized charity organization, FosterHub, Michelle Mays has announced the continuation of the Dumpster Doll” book series. Mays, alongside co-author Michelle Moone, has announced the release of Dumpster Doll: Adolescence, the sequel to Dumpster Doll: The Early Years and the second in the three-part “Dumpster Doll” series, scheduled for a December 16, 2022 release (presale/pre-save event Friday, November 25). The soft cover will be available via all major online outlets and select retail stores.

Published by Proving Press, the independent nonfiction story is a vulnerable tell-all and personal recount of life experiences as an adolescent learning life and navigating it in a way no child or teen ever should. The book tells of the life-or-death events that duly motivated Mays to share her hard-learned lessons from a teen’s perspective and form the 501(c)3 nonprofit, FosterHub, to lend aid and support to teenagers aging out of the foster care system.

“While the ‘Dumpster Doll’ title may appear disturbing or sinister to some, it is poignant.,” author

Michelle Mays said. “A doll that I found in the dumpster became my only trusted friend throughout the early years of my life; but what’s more important, ‘Dumpster Doll’ is symbolic in that no one is ever a ‘throwaway’.”

Dedicated to “the mistake makers and risk takers,” chapters touch on unhealthy parental and sibling relationships, decaying self-worth and self-destruction, devasting sexual encounters, and rising above the confusion and chaos–if only temporary. While challenges threatened Mays’ future—poverty, juvenile detention, and the hardest decision of her life—her gritty spirit and perseverance were her saving grace.

Overcoming these barriers one chapter at a time, Mays has come out a stronger, more ambitious woman and hopes that sharing her experiences will help others struggling in similar situations.

As the founder and CEO of the FosterHub non-profit, and a motivational speaker with the goal to bring awareness to a taboo topic, an often overlooked demographic and system default, Michelle’s plight is to ensure that each and every foster child may seek and obtain the support and resources they need to assure no one suffers through the tragic life events that she endured and open the door to encourage a successful and promising future.

“The ‘Dumpster Doll’ book series is my true story,” added Mays.“If my story can help others, then God has put me in the right place and I’ve come out a winner.”



About The Authors

Michelle Mays is not just a storyteller, she has a story to tell. Amidst horrifying living situations, unthinkable abuse, challenging life hurdles and consequences, Michelle is a survivor who fought her way through a darkness unimaginable. The Dumpster Doll book series is a real-life account of the experiences that led her to become a child of the foster care system—what transpired before, during and after—the good, the bad and the uglier. With a courageous vulnerability unlike any other, Michelle opens her heart to share recollections of her most personal and dire circumstances. Overcoming what most could not brave, Michelle has become a successful data analyst and book author; she’s shared a fulfilled relationship with her loving husband of 20 years and is the mother of three accomplished sons. Michelle Moone was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Michelle Moone holds a BA in psychology from Ohio State University and a Master’s degree from Ashford University. Currently seated as Administrative Coordinator at McGraw Hill, Michelle is recognized on the national recommended reading list for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Championing children in both the adoption and foster care systems, she is the COO of the 501(c)3 charity, FosterHub. Working alongside Michelle Mays, putting her passion on paper, Michelle is co-author of "Dumpster Doll: The Early Years” and "Dumpster Doll: Adolescence” as part of the three-part book series. About FosterHub Formed in August 2022, FosterHub is a 501(c)3 charity dedicated to lending assistance to our foster youth who are aging out of the system. The organization's initiative is to offer a helping hand (resources, tools and guidance) to foster teens to enable these deserving children a fighting chance--to navigate through life in their early years and ensure a successful future.


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