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Track Reveals Two Personal Passions

Due Friday, August 13, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Breakout, indie country recording artist Mikayla Lane (Mikayla Lane Entertainment, Tulsa, OK) will release her original tune titled “Wild Like The Wind.”* The telltale song will be available via all digital retail outlets and streaming platforms (Amazon/iTunes/Pandora Spotify/Tidal) on Friday, August 13, 2021. (Pre-sale/Pre-save event begins August 6; distribution by ONErpm Nashville.)

Penned and co-produced by the 16-year-old songstress (alongside John Conrad), the track is Mikayla’s twelfth release since the launch of her recording career and serves as fitting to her blossoming talent, in both signature style and passions, and as an introduction to her forthcoming EP (MILES FROM NOWHERE) anticipated in September.

Simulating an old-time western movie, spaghetti western guitar and whistle blows draw the curtain to render the opening scene. The calm and comforting, yet vibey, melody sets the stage to travel to a one-horse-town where the horizon is breathtaking, the air fresh and breezy, but the spirit lonesome; a young love pines for a cowboy drifter that is here and gone like sunset and dawn, and dreams lope away in a haze of dust. With a mountainous hike to the top of her range and a zip line fall to the lower, the chorus spotlights Mikayla’s vocal prowess.

“The idea for the song came about because of my involvement in rodeo,” said Mikayla LaneIt’s a classic romanticized idea of the cowboy riding away…leaving a love behind to chase a dream that he loves.”

Yeah, moving like a Texas breeze

Leaving me cold on nights like these

And he’s just like a cloud of dust

Can’t seem to hold him long enough

So I’m giving up on settling down

Thinking bout leaving this one-horse town

Cause I’m wild about him

But he’s wild

Wild like the wind

“Wild Like The Wind” carries the momentum of Mikayla’s recent release (“Drive”/Jan. 2021), which has met with early exponential success and is nearing 11,000 streams.

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