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September 1, 2021





Sophomore Release Shares Personal Perspective And Encouraging Sentiment

• Due Friday, October 22, 2021 •

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Breakout, indie pop recording artist Graciela (Gr8 Entertainment) will release her sophomore single, and self-penned original titled “Best Days.* The sentimental tune (written by Graciela alongside​​ Laura Cavacece and James Nickle, and produced by Byran Cole) will be available via all digital retail outlets and streaming platforms on Friday, October 22, 2021. (Pre-sale/Pre-save event begins Friday, October 15, 2021; distribution by Ed Gertler/Digital Retail Services.) The ballad serves as a coming of age example of the 14-year-old songwriter’s sensitive and mature introspection, and her devotion to use her voice to share words of encouragement, and her bright and insightful perspective with others. Deriving inspiration from her siblings who suffer with disabilities, the single delves into the teenage artist’s compassion and care for loved ones cherished. The soundscape of the track echoes with angelic vocals to paint imagery of blue skies that open to new possibilities and a hand holding, walk-along journey toward a better tomorrow. “My older brother is autistic and my younger (adopted sister) suffers with the emotional aftermath of abuse endured by her previous living situation,” introduced Graciela. “I see their struggles, their hurt and their fight. I want to be a role model for them and stand beside them in their courageous offer words of encouragement to trust in God, find bravery and faith in Him, and those who love them. Because, truly, their ‘Best Days’ haven’t happened yet.” The tune showcases the young singer’s musical talents complemented by her ability and open heartedness to connect with her audience with purposeful, expressive poignant lyrics that inspire. KEEP FIGHTING, HEALING TRUST THE AIR YOU’RE BREATHING I’LL BE THERE TO HOLD YOUR HAND WALK ALONG YOUR JOURNEY AND SOMEHOW YOU’LL FIND OUT THERE’S SUNSHINE THOUGH THE DARK CLOUDS TAKE ONE BIG BREATH AND ONE QUICK STEP YOUR BEST DAYS HAVEN’T HAPPENED YET Graciela strives to become a role model for the disadvantaged. “I want to be an inspiration to those who suffer; to let them know that I am here, and I am listening," Graciela added "I’d like to use my music as a platform to offer hope that better days are ahead, and to help change lives. Music is an expression; I want people to ‘hear’ what I have to say—especially on behalf of others.” Graciela is writing and recording in preparation to release her debut EP; the new single (“Best Days”) arrives as a follow-up to her debut release, “Seize The Day,” and corresponding music video. Early on, Gracie has captured the attention of new fans attracting 60 thousand-plus followers to date.


ABOUT GRACIELA Dreams begin early for most everyone; but it takes passion, belief and determination to turn a dream into a reality. … and Graciela is not “most everyone.” Gracie is a visionary who possesses natural talent and a drive that is far beyond her years. Her insightful perspective and heart are qualities that will set her apart in her journey to achieve her goals. The 14-year-old military daughter has spent her childhood dividing time between the family homes; spending the school year at the farm in Pittsburgh, PA, and summer break, vacations and holidays in Destin, Florida. Gracie has developed a genuine appreciation for both cultures and the varied lifestyles have shaped her “breath of fresh air” outlook. With siblings who struggle with disabilities, the aspiring young visionary hopes to become a role model for the disadvantaged. Gracie’s desire to use her voice to “move” the listener is uplifting. She is committed to study her craft—driven to become an entertainer both as a confident, compelling vocalist and proficient instrumentalist. At just six-years-old, she began to learn piano; today with a daily two-hour practice regimen, Gracie aspires to follow in the footsteps of her musical influences (Adele, Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga and Elton John). Graciela has performed at local festivals, charity events, church recitals and in talent shows. She worked alongside producer Bryan Cole to record her very first EP in late 2020. A blossoming artist with a desire to portray emotion with verve, Graciela’s personal introspect is deeply contemplative and conversely complimented by her energetic and sassy personality. The combination makes for a musical expression all her own and a wide-open canvas to dream BIG and SEIZE THE DAY! FOLLOW GRACIELA: Website: Instagram: @gracielamusicofficial Tik Tok: @gracielamusic Facebook: @gracieelamusicofficial

FOR ARTIST INQUIRIES /or/ TO SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW CONTACT: Music City Media K. Atwood | | 615.770.2994 *To request a review copy of the track, please hit “reply.”

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