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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

TV Production Pairs Puppets, Music And Comedic Mayhem

Show Premiere Set For Monday, August 24, 2020 On ROKU

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville hit songwriter, ACM award winning performer and former front man of the Gibson/Miller Band, Dave Gibson, has announced the scheduled launch of The Waterhole Bunch, a new, musical entertainment show set to premiere Monday, August 24, 2020 on ROKU TV Worldwide (SPYDAR TV and Kartoon Funtime TV).  Hosted by animated puppet characters, the show premise is a colorful combination of Laugh In, Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and Mystery Science Theatre, and will spotlight guest interviews and artist performances from the Waterhole Stage. Upcoming shows will feature special appearances and performances by Gibson, famed guitarist Johnny Garcia (Trisha Yearwood/Garth Brooks) Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors), hit songwriter Becky Hobbs and Nashville up and comer Liv Noelle.  (Watch Sneak Peek)

Created by Gibson alongside award-winning songwriter Cheryl DaVeiga, The Waterhole Bunch was produced by Mark Dreyer and Waterhole Productions, and will be broadcast in association with “It all started with a song that turned into a twisted tale gone wrong,” Gibson said. “The idea became larger-than life and turned into a fun, comedic live entertainment production with puppets and humans making music and mayhem.  It’s a show the entire family can enjoy.” (Watch Gibson sing the Frog Song).

AIR DATES: During the week of August 24, 2020, the show will air Monday through Sunday beginning at 6:30PM CT/7:30PM EDT. Beginning Monday, August 31, 2020, the show will re-air Monday through Sunday at 2PMCT/3PM EDT and thereafter (beginning Friday, September 11, 2020) the program will broadcast weekly each Friday evening at 6:30PMCT/7:30PM EDT (via ROKU TV Worldwide channels-SPYDAR TV and Kartoon Funtime TV). Check local listings. SPYDAR TV and Kartoon Funtime TV are broadcast on ROKU TV, SumulTV,  AiryTV, MDX TV (India), Hedex TV (Hungary) and KVVB TV (Victorville, CA) and available via Apple mobile devices. Distribution by MorcaMan Productions. Additional broadcast distribution outlets are currently in the works.  THE PRODUCTION TEAM Dave Gibson is a renowned Nashville hit songwriter. As former front man of the Gibson/Miller Band, the ACM award-winning performer wrote the band’s hit songs as well as No. 1 hits and chart-toppers recorded by Alabama, Confederate Railroad, Montgomery Gentry, Tanya Tucker and Joe Diffie. Cheryl DaVeiga is an award-winning ASCAP songwriter who has enjoyed cuts by Eryn Shewell O’Ree (NJ Blues Hall of Fame), Anthony Krizan and Christine Martucci. She also penned the featured song of the recent State of Alabama Bicentennial celebration as well as the theme song for the non-profit organization Where Angels Play. Cheryl also performs and writes children’s songs under the name CADi Grace.  Mark Dreyer (Mark Dreyer Productions Studio) is an acclaimed Nashville-based guitarist, performer, singer/songwriter, audio/video producer and editor.

PRODUCTION CONTACTS Waterhole Productions  Cheryl DaVeiga • Mark Dreyer Productions Mark Dreyer • MEDIA CONTACT Music City Media K. Atwood | | 615.770.2994

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