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Michael McCall

About The Artist

Hailing from Washington State, singer, songwriter and country recording artist Michael McCall is truly a welcomed surprise to the country music sector and the world. As his story would have it, Michael was born on a farm in Clifty, Arkansas in an unexpected detour off I-90 during a family trip en route from The Evergreen State to the southern sector.  

Michael grew up splitting time in both Washington, at the family orchard in the summer months (harvesting cherries, apples, pears, peaches and apricots) and in Florida, during the winter where he learned to fish, and trap shrimp and crab. His upbringing and lifestyle taught him early on the value of hard work and its marriage to honesty, loyalty and dedication; and these characteristics ring true in his pursuit of his music career.

Engaged by the eclectic and traditional styles of Otis Redding, John Mellencamp, Bryan Adams, Dwight Yoakam, Jason Isbell, George Strait and Waylon Jennings, and a talented family of musicians (including one of his biggest influences, his father, who was a songwriter and guitarist), Michael is drawn to storylines that captivate and phrases that lure and hook the listener.

While McCall’s inventive guitar chops and haunting vocals may seemingly have been inherited naturally, he has a musical style all his own. With unique phrasing and perspective, Michael writes his own truth to create a captivating story from what may have once been mundane to become incredibly interesting.

With a sound that doesn’t fit in a box, his original compositions embrace a combination of new contemporary country, a touch of late 80s and 90s hits, with a healthy dose of yesterday’s classic rock. His live show kicks off with a “bang,” spotlighting driving rock rhythms and pulsing pop rock drums, breaks down to an intimate acoustic performance, featuring flavorful melodies and simplistic, sing-along lyrics, to ramp back up and conclude with a big finish.

Pursing his music career as a full-time endeavor since 2017, Michael began playing guitar in various bands. He’s concentrated his focus on songwriting, has since recorded and released a self-titled album (2017), been pursued by various labels and enjoyed chart success in the UK.




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