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Kyle Smithson

About The Producer

Kyle Smithson has creative talent that is one-of-a-kind. Adding his “gift for gab,” these two characteristics livened with his “just do it” verve cast the young film entertainment entrepreneur in a role where he shines.

Drawn to the expressive arts early on, Smithson has a God-given talent. Taking a leap of faith to “jump in” at just 21, he developed his artistic abilities through dedication, discipline, commitment and a “can-do” attitude. His gift for self-expression and passion for expressive arts put the self-trained actor, producer and creator in the spotlight to share his vision as a natural.

While talent came naturally to Smithson, the ability to truly dedicate himself to his craft was a long and winding road. Having spent a number of months by his mother’s side in a battle for her life against cancer, while simultaneously watching his father drift away and, ultimately, surrender to Alzheimer’s, tied with overcoming divorce, a lawsuit, and fighting the devil with alcohol and drug addiction, to nearly becoming homeless, Smithson possesses an undefeated resilience and gumption to conquer his personal setbacks.  

Captivated by the works of Adam Sandler and Jim Carey for their comedic wizardry, Ryan Reynolds for his diversity, and Tim Burton, J.J. Abrams and Ron Howard as ingenious “risk takers,” Kyle is prepared to roll the dice. Hands-on, early on in the filmmaking process—tweaking storylines, scouting locations and seeking out the right cast members—he cultivates the “big picture.”  From behind the lens, Kyle has a keen eye for color, imagery and depth. From action to wrap, he seamlessly orchestrates the pieces of the puzzle that we call motion picture film.

Before Kyle turned 30, the young go-getter produced five feature films (“Easter Lake,” The Ones,” “Burn,” “Enough Is Enough” and “Purge”). He has also appeared in movie flicks, theatre, television shows and commercials (including “True Blood,” “The Storm,” Greek,” “Memorandum” and many more). With film, production and construction projects in the works, Kyle Smithson is shooting for the stars.



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