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Josh Stephens

About The Artist

Josh Stephens is an auspicious, independent artist that is as strategic about his career as he is in his music. The Belmont University Music Business grad (2020) and Floridian native places focus on internal and external concentrations--both personally and professionally. Along with that comes the exploration of new, young love, infatuation and heartbreak, and the emotional whirlwind and motivation that opens the heart and soul to a powerful insight and retrospect to draw from. With an intimate and thoughtful zen, Josh writes about life, spirituality and relationships (with friends, family and romantic partners).


“If you’re not consciously working on yourself, one can just go numb. I’m finding freedom in relationships, new and old, and my life, and this journey is allowing me personal growth. I want to give myself permission to feel and just let my music happen.  ...and to offer others the same permissions to ‘feel’ when they hear my music.”


The self-admitted, open-hearted 23-year-old interjects a holistic approach to his songcraft. Stephens has devoted his time and energy in recent months  to write and become an integrated member of the Nashville music community; performing at the Listening Room, Belcourt Taps, and 404 among other notable Music City writer’s rooms.


“When I write, it comes from a place within. Whether deep or simplistic, my goal is to get the listener out of his/her head; to take them on a journey where they can lose themselves. I want to share my music as a vehicle of transport!”


Drawn to the creative direction of Shawn Mendes, Charlie Puth and Bruno Mars, Josh’s warm, passionate vocals “pop” with champagne melodies, sleek R&B soulful dance grooves brought to life by BIG production. He identifies his music as a “union” created and communicated in a universal language, and he delivers with the intent to move the listener to a contemplative emotional state. 


“I’m in this as a lifetime career commitment. I want to put out music with ‘purposeful intent,’ not just for the purpose of putting music out there. I want to be perceived by the world by what I can offer it.”


Josh’s recordings are simplistic and spotlight the tenor’s warm vocal delivery complemented by consistent storylines and vibes that translate his charismatic chemistry. 


“Music is ‘joy,’ and can create an experience. I hope my music moves folks to ‘feel’ something as part of their listening experience.”


And that’s just how Josh Stephens captivates his audience. His flirtatious grin and boy-next-door persona, combined with an innate ability to create an experience and ignite emotion through simplistic storylines illustrated by abstract productions are his signature. Set out to make his own mark, Josh Stephens is destined to be a game-changer.




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