Hands Across America

About The Event

Hands Across America is a united movement working hand-in-hand to support, empower and strengthen a divided country through the largest virtual hand-holding celebration in history.

In a time where our country has become divided by differing opinions, has endured devastation and loss by the COVID pandemic, natural disasters and a swell of devised tragedies, and experienced social separation created by new-age digital communication, a disconnect has arisen and we have become a nation in need. 

Working alongside like-hearted individuals, communities and organizations, Hands Across America is committed to

  • Lend aid to combat hunger, homelessness and abuse

  • Offer assistance to those in need, those who are vulnerable and those who have suffered natural tragedies, or loss of income

The idea to reintroduce Hands Across America (a 501c3 charity) with the objective to unify and reunite Americans (of all races, color, creed, educational backgrounds and financial status) arrives as a heartfelt initiative, and the personal passion, of Jeff Prescott, Co-Founder and COO of Dreamstime.com and resident of Franklin, TN.

Hands Across America 2021 is a symbolic virtual event being held with the goal to change the present narrative of our country in a mutual initiative to join hands and reunite Americans.


Join hands to educate and raise public awareness surrounding the growing needs of our homeless and the hungry, lend aid to and address the needs of our homeless and the hungry to provide shelter and nutrition.


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